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A testa alta
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freedom to be you

Atestalta.it is a young startup that deals with aesthetic prostheses for people with alopecia.
For these people it is very important to regain lost self-esteem and feel free to be able to do whatever they want.
They offer an innovative product thanks to the vacuum-effect permeable silicone cap that guarantees perfect adhesion without the use of glues or adhesives and greater comfort.

brand identity

For atestata.it, in addition to creating the website, we also took care of all the visual communication starting from the naming.
Name chosen not by chance obviously “a testa alta” means being in harmony with yourself and facing life with confidence and pride and always obviously “head hight”.
We have tried to communicate all of this through the brand that reproduces a haughty and proud female face that looks towards the future.

logo variations

color palette




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