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Fribass Falegnami
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passionate craftsmen

Fribass is a young and small company born in Valdobbiadene, on the Prosecco hills. The name comes from the union of the surnames of its founding members, who have always shared the same passion for woods and the desire to create unique pieces of craftsmanship.

In their workshop they make custom-made furniture, windows, stairs to design, restoration of antique furniture and much more, all with the attention to details and the passion that only a true craftsman possesses.

When Giorgio and Rajmund came to us they needed first of all to structure their own visual identity, that had been neglected until then and to create their website to consolidate the online presence.

Fribass falegnami
brand identity

there must be enough empty space around the logo to ensure visibility

For Fribass we have created a pictogram that represents the classic finger joint, which is commonly used in carpentry for the construction of boxes and drawers. A simple and high-impact image that immediately takes us back to the times when even the smallest details of a piece of furniture was handmade.

construction grid

logo variations

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